Glue for the job

I find myself fixing broken things around the house. I take pride in that.

One Christmas a friend gave me a box of tools. It worked. I bought an electric drill and a new spade and I was all set. I could fix most things on my own. Except when it came to gluing broken pieces together … which was the right glue for the job?

IMG_0994 Stop and think. Story – there’s a story by Richard Kennedy called “The Porcelain Man” I have his permission to tell it, and have done so for years. In it, there’s a girl kept shut away from the world, by a harsh father. (My own father’s explanation whisper in my head “I was only trying to protect you.”) And the girl spent all day inside, mending broken things, so her father could sell them. “That was how they made their living…”

Now for some reason, I’ve always made a strong point of her having the specific type of glue for different kinds of material  … I found my own solution several years ago … no … not super glue, but a multi-purpose glue that sticks anything together, but not skin.


 Stories are like that – for me, they glue the different bits and pieces of my life together and make sense, so I understand, and can get on with living.

 This blog is dedicated to the stories I find and you find, everywhere.

All text and photos by Meg

Story Twigs …! by Meg Philp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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