First Words

A good friend of mine is a Great Aunt in both senses of the word. She loves spending time with her great nieces and nephew. It seems that the youngest niece was slow to talk.She was very good and sound effects and pointing.  Her older sister, helpfully filled any gaps in communication.

One day mum was driving the three kids all packed into the back of the family car. Traffic was slow, the radio was on, and suddenly up piped a new voice declaring “I love this song!” The youngest had spoken and hasn’t stopped since.

Do you know what you’re first words were?  I’ve asked a few friends and had stories about a toddler dragging a book to every visitor who happening to be sitting down and demanding “Read this!” Whereas her sister, had always liked to repeat , “Is the cat out?” as they went off on a trip to town.

Sometimes its just one word for a favourite thing like “Da,” or “App-le.” I babysat one little girl who loved olives and called them “Lolives” as she pointed for more.

If you don’t know what you first words were, what would you liked them to have been?

My brother-in-law takes great delight in ribbing me. Seemingly whenever we’re driving through beautiful Scotland, I keep exclaiming “Look at the trees!” Boy, does he make fun of me. So I’d like them to have been my first words.


Last time I said “Look at the trees!” was on our walk in Edmonds, Seattle. I can’t help myself, truly.

All text and photo by Meg

Story Twigs …! by Meg Philp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


4 thoughts on “First Words

  1. Hi Meg,
    This is really interesting. My mom told me of a little boy she knew whose first word was a full sentence. Actually, one of Eli’s first words was accompanied by a pointing finger, and he said, “Look!” But it sounded more like, “–ook!” He caught on quickly though. He was still just a baby in his high chair when I said, “It’s already dark out,” and he replied, “But the lights are still on at Toys R Us!”


  2. Hi Meg
    I believe “read a book” might have been my first words, I wonder why? My mother would have been reading books every day and reading to her little “darling”!!!


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