Celebrate Your Way

For some reason, fireworks signal celebrations,  especially at this time of year. There are other ways to celebrate, that don’t send $000s up in smoke – each of them our own, in our particular time and place. Here are some I’ve seen or been part of, and of course there’s a story to accompany each one.


© Meg Philp

Stand on a stone and hold something up high. People will notice.


Put flags out.


Bake some bites and invite people over for afternoon tea.


Give someone you love a big hug.


Light a candle. (It doesn’t have to be this big.)


Share a meal with people who love telling stories – that feeling can last for years!


Dance in the park with whoever requests the pleasure.


Plant seeds and watch them grow.


Tell a funny story, then sing your song.


Get dressed up in full regalia.


Let people know you’re here. You made it! Let the fun begin.


And remember, take a photo of your unique creations,  as well as events.

Cherish every one.

Have a Happy New Year, your way.

All text and photos © Meg Philp except No. 6 from N.Baltuck and No. 12  from L. Dowding

Story Twigs …! by Meg Philp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


6 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Way

    • Thanks for helping me see how fortunate we are, Helen. I almost included a photo of you wearing my glasses! Remember the laughs we had at Begarra! Looking forward to lots of personal celebrations in 2015.


  1. Dear Meg,
    What a perfect way to begin the New Year! A wonderful reminder of all the things we have to celebrate and all the little ways we can do so. Your photos and words are perfect, and perfect for each other. Best wishes for the New Year, dear friend!


  2. Naomi, thank you. Am so glad you liked this. I love your blog and your spirit. I’ve been puddling around in the heat here, thinking about how different New Year is for everyone. Wishing you all a Good New Year with all that you’d wish for yourselves. Meg OxO


  3. Happy New Year, Meg and happy happy year creating new adventures and new stories. I love your illustrated stories, so personal, so full of life and fun. Hugs from Halina


  4. Hi Halina, Happy New Year to you both. You were always good at celebrating and getting people involved. Thankyou for including me. All the Best for 2015. Meg OxO


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