State of Mind? Weekly Photo Challenge

Sunita  (Hindi for “well-behaved”)  was one of three Bengal tigers on show in the Tiger Temple at Australia Zoo on the day I visited last year.


 I cried afterwards.

All text and photos by Meg Philp

Story Twigs the Imagination! by Meg Philp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

State of Mind

11 thoughts on “State of Mind? Weekly Photo Challenge

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  2. The concept of a well-behaved tiger is an odd one, really, isnt it. Is that why you wept?
    I remember see a well-behaved tiger on a leash like a dog when my daughter was young and she wanted to go to what she called “Bindi’s Zoo” ! At least we are not allowed to keep these majestic animals in our backyards, like some countries, bizarrely, do.


  3. It’s a powerful and evocative photograph, Meg. My heart was touched also by the gentleness of such a powerful creature and the bond Sunita obviously shares with her keeper.
    I am always a little sad to see any creature confined, but we need zoos for educating the public, teaching respect and appreciation for all forms of life, and demonstrating and facilitating our role as stewards and protectors. There are species in existence today that were already extinct in the wild, but have been brought back from the brink of extinction and reintroduced into the wild, only because of the existence of breeding programs in zoos.(The red wolf in the Southeastern United States, to name one).
    Thank you for sharing a special moment, and a piece of your heart!

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      • Dear Meg, we have so much to learn from these creatures, and zoos are a necessary part of education and breeding of endangered species. Ultimately the goal is to save and then to reintroduce them back to the wild. In the meantime, we can appreciate and wonder at the privilege of such proximity. There is something remarkable about seeing such a powerful and dangerous creature interacting in so gentle a manner with a person who is making herself so vulnerable.

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