Feeling harmonious: WPC

I first saw Mount Taranaki (formerly Mt Egmont) over ten years ago. “Awesome!” I thought.


I love seeing this “ ever-fixed mark.” It helps me get my bearings and draws me in like a magnet, every time I go back to NZ to visit friends. Mt Rainier, near Seattle, has the same effect on me.

 Once, at the end of a NZ holiday and feeling wistful, I had this view out the aircraft window. Just one look and I was on “Cloud Nine!” MtTartop (2)

Human beings, vegetables, cosmic dust, all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible player. (Albert Einstein)


Text (except quote in italics) and photos by Meg Philp

Story Twigs the Imagination! by Meg Philp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

17 thoughts on “Feeling harmonious: WPC

    • Storyteller friend Lesley lives so close to this mountain. I look up at it ever day when I’m staying there. It’s “an ever fixed mark.” Now where does that phrase come from? Must check that out. Thank you, faithful reader:-)

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      • Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116…I only know this because as I read the phrase here in your piece I heard Kate Winslet recite it in “Sense and Sensibility” – Emma Thompson’s screenplay (which I’ve seen a million times) :o)) Beautiful mountain shots by the way!


  1. Ahh! Mt Taranaki! I too have a chance to feast my eyes on this mountain in different lights and cloud formations when we visit our son and his family in New Plymouth.


  2. So awe-inspiring and humbling..Mountains have a way of steadying and grounding don’t they? It’s like they have been here so long they are just completely confident and commanding of respect. I always feel so tiny in their presence. Just a magnificent capture! Thanks for posting 🙂


      • Oh what a thought yes! I cannot imagine doing a cruise myself for days on end an no land in sight..I would need to be drugged 🙂 Isn’t it fascinating to ruminate on how many mariners/explorers have seen your mountain and been just reverent before it? Wonderful ancient history!


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