Swanning in the Mirror: WPC

Walked in the park yesterday. Getting used to the change in the light here, this half of the world.

Take a piece of paper. Fold it in half. Drop different wet colours into the blank crease. Fold  it over again, pressing firmly to spread the paint. Open up to symmetry. (You should hear kids gasp when they see the wonder they’ve made so easily.)

Here’s one example created by five  year old Ella.

These swan boats on the pond reminded me of one of the grimmer of the Grimm’s tales “The Six Swans.”  A princess’ six brothers are turned into swans. Only she can break the spell by weaving them shirts from stinging nettles … Not speaking for seven years is the least of the her trials. Thank goodness this is 2016.

Wait … ugly ducklings … Dreaming of being beautiful. 

Four cygnets preening

So much from a walk in the park on a warm day in late summer.

Bees make the most of the last of the lavender and the chestnut tree is almost nut ready. 

Autumn, here I come.

Photos and text by Meg

Reflection: Weekly Photo Challenge

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