Snippet 2: Some Times


All the Rowan trees ( Mountain Ash)  I’ve seen lately, in different parts of the country, are loaded with berries.

Gerard Manley Hopkins called this ‘ the bead-bonny ash’ in his famous poem we learnt at school titled ‘Inversnaid.’

Locals shake their heads at this bounty, given the old superstition that it forecasts a hard winter.

Meanwhile  Autumn moves on a pace with cooler mornings


and burnished days.



I remember walking thru glorious trees, arm in arm …


 … humming old songs.


Nostalgic Weekly photo challenge


7 thoughts on “Snippet 2: Some Times

  1. Dear Meg, It must trigger so many memories to go home like this. I have a rowan tree that volunteered to come live with us–helped along by the birds. In Norway they were considered lucky, and many households or farms had one. It was the tree woman first stepped out of, and was said to have saved Thor’s life once.


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