Scottish Snippet 4: Highland Hens


Driving off on a single track road one morning –  to see where it ends. Trees ‘marry’ when they meet over the road. It’s a lovely day for it.

We heard from locals in Glenelg that the views across to Skye are great from there. And there was a tea-house where we could stop before the return journey.

There was only a straggle of cottages along the bay. Some older that the rest. But where was the Tea shop? A local directed us to the last house.

The Tea Hut at the end of Corran village

The Tea Hut at the end of Corran village

It was cool in the shade so the wood stove was lit inside. It was snugly filled with armchairs and one big table. After cakes and an enormous pot of tea, I wandered past ruins, towards the loch.

Old houses - rock walls, some corrugated iron roofs - the last in the village

Old houses – rock walls, some corrugated iron roofs – the last in the village.

… and met the happiest of hens.


Happy highland hens

They had a play-mate who bounded up and pranced among them.

Hens' playmate with Skye ahead

Hens’ playmate with Skye ahead.

She was a bit bemused when I told her she’s put them off the lay.


Corran-end of the road Glen Arnisdale

The end of the road in Glen Arnisdale. Time to turn around wistfully … and drive back to Glenelg in time for a great lunch in the garden.

Another perfect Autumn day.

Story Twigs the Imagination! Text and photos by Meg Philp© 2016

8 thoughts on “Scottish Snippet 4: Highland Hens

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    • The West Coast in particular is great on the eye, Draco. I like the change of seasons so March-April for Spring and August-September for Autumn … any sunny day.


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