Taking The Road

This week’s photo challenge is to show something that surprised or delighted me on the road taken.

(I do need to acknowledge the patience of friends & family when we’re driving along, & I suddenly call out from the backseat, “Stop! I need to take a photo.”)


In some traditional tales, taking to the road to seek their fortune was often the only way folk could solve their troubles.

In Norroway, long ago, there lived a widow and three daughters who were so poor that they barely had enough to keep body and soul together. One morning the eldest came to her mother and said, “Bake me a bannock and roast me a collop for I’m going to seek my fortune.”

The protagonist is given what they ask for (and always some wise advice), coin if there’s any, and a blessing to send them on their way, walking into the unknown.


They are told there will be signs to guide them along the way. Some subtle …img_0803

and some they surely can’t miss …IMG_9226.jpg

Walking on with high hopes and travelling light … they meet their first trial.img_9876

One vital piece of advice, they might ignore at their peril, is to be kind to any other person ( or creature) they meet on the road, especially if they need help or are in some kind of trouble.

img_9993 Folk and fairy tales are fantastic and realistic at the same time.

See also earlier blogs ” Walking your Way.” Why the Rooster Left home

Photos: 1 & 3.Island of Mull, Scotland. 2. Through Tentsmuir Forest, Scotland. 4 Brisbane path 5. Victoria, Canada, 6.Vancouver sidewalk.

The Black Bull of Norroway

The Road Taken
All text and photos by Meg

Story Twigs the Imagination! by Meg Philp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

8 thoughts on “Taking The Road

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  2. HI Meg,
    I enjoyed the pairing of your words and photos–spot on! That first shot is mesmerizing, the candle-arrow is unique, and I had to chuckle at the trial of boarding the Clipper up to Victoria. Wonderful post!


    • Thanks Naomi. Nothing like travelling for broadening the mind, as my granny used to say … and as you know very well. Am looking for a story “I’d Love to tell” – the theme for next month’s Meetup. Think it’s going to be ‘Mr Death and the Red-headed Girl.” Tell Sharon I’m working on it again. Love M.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Draco. I liked the shape of the hill and the shock of the crack in it.
      I think as a steep rocky cleft, water runs off very quickly. It is Scotland and rains a lot. The thing that I remember from staying in a place like this once is the noise of the water. It almost pulls you under when you’re trying to sleep! M


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