Structure / Order: Weekly Photo Challenge

The challenge this week is ‘to share the structure of something that is typically overlooked.’

“What kind of flower is that?” I wonder, as I spy crumpled pink on the footpath.

“O, oh. Is it dead?” I zoom in.

A couple stops to find out what I’m photographing and before I can say anything to them about poisonous … , he’s picked up a broken branch to touch …

the spider … which grasps the proffered twig and hangs-on in mid-air, while being carried to a near-by tree.

Here it stays, held fast by eight skinny legs – an impressive structure!

Not really scared of spiders … am fascinated by their differences, their webs … their ingenuity and their persistence.


Tiny spiders like these surely have a sense of humour –  ‘Moustache’ Spiders?



Story Twigs the Imagination! is a blog created by Meg Philp and Copyright © under Australian Law. 

17 thoughts on “Structure / Order: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. OH, Meg! I’ve heard that Australia has the ten most venomous spiders in the world (and also the ten most venomous snakes and sea creatures.) The photos are fascinating, but I must admit to keeping my distance from spiders whenever possible. You are a daring soul!

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  2. Eeeek!!!! I don’t normally mind spiders, but this wee chap, or probably chapess, is a bit of a beast! It reminds me of how I would have imagined Shelob, out of Lord of the Rings 🙂
    And this post has answered my question from a comment you made on my last post, Meg, you are an Australian lass 🙂 Certainly not many dew drops to photo in your neck of the woods!

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