Refreshed: WPC Glow

Mushrooms glow after rain, or are they humming?


Last week’s long downpour refreshed our neighbourhood. September was the driest in 20 years. Now the Jacarandas can really get ahead…

IMG_3734 (1)

 while local Galahs help their chicks find food for themselves.


For many students, these blossoms herald final exam time … and perhaps, a sinking feeling.


But, outdoors at last, these Kindy kids take turns…


… excitedly shooting for goal in the Jacaranda Cup!


PS. The day after I posted,  I spotted this glowing object by the walking track.


Not another mushroom … an inside door handle sticking out of the ground. It makes you wonder how big the door is … and where it leads?




Story Twigs the Imagination! by Meg Philp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and also Copyright © under Australian Law. Please request permission to copy photos.

9 thoughts on “Refreshed: WPC Glow

    • Hi Mary, those blossoms are lovely. They seem to glow more under grey skies. I took lots of photos to try to capture that colour.
      I am going well. Trust you are too! Cheers across the miles


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