About this storyteller

Storytelling – by word of mouth – enlivens me, whether I’m listening or telling. Since 1985 I’ve put myself in the way of stories and tellers. I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship (Queensland) in 1988. This gave me the chance to interact with over 30 well-known storytellers in Toronto, New York, Nashville, Vancouver and Seattle, and of course, Scotland. Many of the elders who shared and influenced me have since passed on. I’m fortunate to know many more tellers and listeners, good people … everywhere, from all walks of life, who share this gift.

I prefer to tell stories with a live audience. I don’t use props, just my voice, for old stories made new, traditional tales, and personal stories that make me laugh, or make me wonder.

*In the imagination, everything can be restored, everything mended, wounds healed, stories ended.

*Macdonald, Helen. H is for Hawk. London, Jonathan Cape, 2014: 248.

This blog is storytelling in words and photos I’ve taken.                                       Click on Home.

16 thoughts on “About this storyteller

    • Hi. I was given a great opportunity to follow my passion and refine my talent. The award helped me in many other ways, too … changed my way thinking …set me on a fascinating road … which I walk still … meet a lot of good people.

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