CFFC: Really Red


Red is a troublesome colour. I hunted thru lots of flower photos before I realised that the amount of sunlight changes many reds to orange. Shade-loving Clivias (say ‘Clive-ee-az’) prove my point.


I do think reds are the better for a bit of contrast.


Red also packs a punch. When this tree flowers, it opens up a wine bar for local lorikeets. (They’re often planted in Queensland as shade trees around public buildings, like libraries!) The nectar quickly ferments in the heat … much to the delight of the birds … who quickly throw wild parties, sometimes falling drunkenly out of their tree, and incapable of flying straight home.


Schotia brachypetala, is often called the “Drunken Parrot Tree.” New Year’s for local lorikeets is usually third week in October. The red blossoms are long gone now. It’s all quiet. Shhh.

All text and photos by Meg

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