Roman Alphabet: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s tricky challenge was “Alphabet.” A sentence with every letter of the alphabet in it is called a pangram. There, you may have as many words as you like but, famously, The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog has each letter only once.

If you can find sentences with every letter of the alphabet in them, why not in photos? Perhaps some snaps from Rome might come close?


You have to crane your neck to read all the Latin at the top of Titus’ Arch in Rome. Surely every last letter was chiselled here.


During the remodelling of of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, they moved these tombstones from the floors to a wall in the forecourt. What does it say about the people? How do you tell  “U”s from “V”s? Where did the Roman alphabet we use today come from?


It was so hot that Saturday. If only I’d photographed more to the left, I might have taken an alphabet of beers!


Hmm … only 6 letters short.


And the winner is … this lovely drop … missing only 5 letters – F, J, K, P, & Q!

Here’s to the alphabet! Cheers!

Sources – For more on ancient scripts See

All text and photos by Meg

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