Give Me a Place To Stand

I was in NZ ‘s North Island last week. Had been mulling over the fact that I haven’t posted for so long, as well as thinking about Jennifer Mishra’s suggested “Gathering” photo challenge for the week.

The terrible events in Christchurch last Friday, a week after I arrived, coloured everything. The people I was with and others I met, were all so shocked, subdued and couldn’t say much. Hearts went out to the victims, their families and friends.

Prime Minister Jacinta Ahern announced on TV that she would never name the perpetrator on this atrocity. My friends lauded her stand on tighter gun control  – no to semi-automatic or military styled guns: ban them.

Today, one of the Imans said “We are broken-hearted but we are not broken … and a bikie gang volunteered to stand guard at the mosques.

We carry on.

Before the WOMAD (The World of Music and Dance) program began each day, there was a Minute’s silence and a prayer in Maori for the victims.

The first act on Saturday was a Troupe of Indigenous Taiwanese who linked arms and danced while they sang in Paiwan. Their traditional ballads were hypnotic. The crowd was quiet.

Festival goers wandered around

or sat chatting.

Les Cafeteras from Mexico put lots of energy into their singing. We’d seen them downtown entertaining the Ticket queue on Thursday.

WOMAD’s ‘Lion’ seemed to pose for photos with more adults that kids. It was pretty big and scary, even if it was an unreal colour of grey.

I wondered how the kids felt?

From what I could see, the slopes and the branches of the old Plane trees in the park were their perfect playground. They all climbed, crawled, dragged, jumped, scrambled and slithered. over their great low branches, just playing.

I happened to take this photo while a friend was researching a story, earlier in the week.  I wondered who had said this and when?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ahern has taken a stand. By her words, actions and her solid leadership, she has moved the world.


Artists Lineup WOMAD NZ 2019

Paiwan Poeple

Quote by Archimedes

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